NRC Prepares To Meet And Greet Hurricane Florence

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission said Thursday it would be out in force reviewing safety and security protocols required by several nuclear power plants to prepare themselves for and withstand the blunt force of a powerful hurricane headed towards the southeast coast of the United States.

Hurricane Florence, path ofThe storm, Hurricane Florence, is expected to make landfall in the South and North Carolina region on Thursday through to Friday.

The NRC said it is reviewing plant preparations in advance of the ordeal that is expected and that has already caused mass evacuation orders for threatened population centers.

“The NRC is also sending additional inspectors to those plants and will activate its regional incident response center in Atlanta to provide around-the-clock staff support during the storm,” the agency announced.

The NRC specifically pointed out the threat to Duke Energy’s Brunswick nuclear plant south of Wilmington, N.C. that is expected to “face hurricane-force winds, major storm surges and heavy rain.”

The NRC also named the Surry plant in southeastern Virginia, Harris near Raleigh, N.C., Robinson near Hartsville, S.C., as potentially threatened. The agency said “other plants” are also taking extraordinary precautions.

The agency said plant owners were expected to declare an emergency if that were necessary. The agency also expected plants to shut down in advance of hurricane-force winds.

Georgia Power issued a statement that said the company’s plants were ready for the onslaught.

The company said it is “actively monitoring the storm and coordinating with emergency partners, including GEMA and the Mutual Assistance Network.

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