Hinkley Point C Joint Venture To Merge Engineering Teams

Engineering firms Balfour Beatty Bailey, Cavendish Nuclear and Doosan Babcock said Thursday they had formed a partnership, officially called MEH Joint Venture, to deliver the erection sequence for the two-reactor Hinkley Point C project.

Hinklley Point CThe MEH Joint Venture will work to integrate and coordinate the delivery of all main MEH, cabling and associated support services on the project. The joint venture will consolidate these works in line with the project’s priorities of safety, quality, time and cost.

The project is slated to construct two advanced European Pressurized Reactors, termed Hinkley Point C in Somerset, England, that are expected to furnish Britain with 7 percent of its electricity generation. The plants will be the first new nuclear power construction projects in Britain in 20 years.

MEH JV said the new approach "will help different contractors work as a single entity to deliver the complex installation of cabling and pipework in the power station’s 2,500 rooms. The approach banks on lessons learned from prior nuclear plant construction projects.

A central Project Management Office will manage critical project interfaces, the scheduling and sequencing of the MEH activities on site and work to refine and harmonise the required systems, processes, procedures, data and reporting to further optimize delivery of the project.

The MEH Joint Venture will also look at ways to create new cutting-edge pipework manufacturing in the UK. This new industrial capacity should benefit other nuclear projects and give the UK opportunities to win global contracts in nuclear and other hi-tech engineering sectors.

China General Nuclear UK Chief Executive Officer Zheng Dongshan said: “CGN warmly welcomes the establishment of the MEH Joint Venture, and the role played by our colleagues in CNPEC in bringing it about.  We believe strongly that it will deliver huge benefits to the delivery of the Hinkley Point C project, and to the UK nuclear industry as a whole."

CGN, under a 2015 agreement, is to take a 33.5 percent stake in Hinkley Point C, in a deal that opened the door for CGN to construct its own HPR1000 reactor in Britain n the future.

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