Fuel Loaded Into World's Only Floating NPP

Russian nuclear power giant Rosatom said Wednesday that Baltijskiy Zavod specialists completed (on October 2, 2018) loading nuclear fuel into the second of two reactors – the portside reactor – of the world-only floating nuclear power plant ‘Akademik Lomonosov’, which is based on the site of FSUE Atomflot in Murmansk.
Rosatom's Floating NPP"Thus, the second stage of preparing the FNPP to the first criticality has been completed," Rosatom said.
Head of the Directorate for building and operation of the floating nuclear co-generation power plant Vitaly Trutnev noted that the schedule called for technicians to compete "all final process operations at the facility before the end of this year." The fuel loading is one of the major milestones, he said, noting that first criticality was the next major milestone to reach.
That would be accomplished in "October-November this year" he said. Prior to achieving sustainable fission, operators must first receive a permit from Rostechnadzor. "Then, the integrated birth trials will follow, which are necessary before the reactor is brought to design capacity.”
In 2019, FNPP will be towed to the seaport of the city of Pevek (Chukotka Autonomous District). At the present time, necessary construction of coastal infrastructure, hydraulic structures and on-shore site is underway. "These facilities are called for to ensure safe riding and receipt of the energy bridge from it in the place of electric connections and energy release to the shore," Rosatom noted.
The plant has been designed to allow for the phasing out of the Bilibino NPP and Chaunskaya Co-Gen Plant and become the baseline power generation facility in Chukotka.

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