Rostov 4 Enters Into Commercial Status

Russia’s Federation Services for Ecological, Technological and Nuclear Supervision, Rostekhnadzor, has licensed Rosatom’s Rostov NPP Unit 4 as approved for commercial operations, the state-owned nuclear plant builder said.

Rostov Unit 4With the unit entering commercial operation status three months ahead of schedule and by incorporating some Generation 3 Plus safety features, Rosatom was able to save RUB1.5 billion ($22 million) during construction of the VVER unit, Rosatom said.

The unit entered commercial status on 28 September with an order signed by Director General of Rosenergoatom JSC Andrey Petrov.

Rosatom Director General Aleksey Lichachev noted that Rostov Unit 4, also called RoNPP Unit 4, has already generated more than 147.5 billion kWh of electric power.

“We put into commercial operation our 4th power unit on this holiday for all workers of the nuclear power industry,” said Rostov Plant Manager Andrey Salnikov. “And today we have douple holidan indeed: The personnel of the nuclear power plant have successfully and n advance managed the state matter on increasing the nuclear power generation and reliable provision of the current and long term demand in the electric power of the South of Russia,” he said.

He said the plant “creates the additional opportunities for successful social and economic development of (the) region in the future.”

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