GE Power To Supply Turbine Island For El Dabaa NPP

GE Power said Monday it won the contract to deliver the turbine island equipment for El Dabaa nuclear power plant project in Egypt through AAEM its joint venture with Atomenergomash.

GE Power turbinesGE Power will supply the basic design of four conventional island, supply four nuclear turbine generator sets, including the Arabelle half-speed steam turbines, and provide technical expertise for the on-site installation and commissioning. It is the fifth contract GE Power has signed to supply components for a Russian-designed plant, including the Baltic nuclear power plant in Kaliningrad that was later suspended. Other GE Power projects for Russian-designed plants include the Hanhikivi project in Finland, the Akkuyu generating station planned for Turkey and the Paks II project in Hungary.

The contract, reported Nuclear Engineering International, is valued at $700 million. The timeline points to design work in 2019 with manufacturing planned for 2020. The components are expected to be delivered in 2021-2022, said Michael Keroulle, chief commercial officer for steam power systems at GE Power.

Ed Dabaa Unit 1 is expected to start operations in 2026. 

Manufacturing for the project will taker place in France at GE's Belfort factory.

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