Canadian, Romanian Groups Sign MOU On Nuclear Cooperation

A Canadian nuclear supplier association, the Organization of Canadian Nuclear Industries (OCNI), and the Romanian Atomic Forum Association (ROMATOM) have signed a cooperation agreement meant to support and guide the two groups' nuclear power endeavors, the OCNI said.

MOU signing, Canada & RomaniaOCNI said the group was "proud to affirm their partnership by the signing another Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for cooperation in the nuclear power field."

The MOU was signed by Marina Oeyangen, Director of Operations, on behalf of the President, OCNI and by Mihaela Stiopol, Administrative manager on behalf of Gheorghe Lucaciu, President of ROMATOM, at the end of the first day of a joint meeting of the Canada-Romania Nuclear Industry in Bucharest organized jointly by ROMATOM and the Canadian Embassy.

This MOU outlines several ways that OCNI and ROMATOM will continue to work together in identifying opportunities for nuclear suppliers in Romania and Canada.  The OCNI-ROMATOM MOU will also encourage and facilitate cooperation among Canadian and Romanian nuclear research institutes and universities on nuclear research, development, and nuclear education, the OCNI said in a statement.

The Canada-Romania trade delegation led by OCNI had senior officials from 15 major nuclear supplier companies engaged in joint meetings with key Romanian manufactures as well as officials from the Ministry of Energy. The delegation also had a site visit to Cernavoda nuclear power plant and discussed ongoing project opportunities with key personnel.

“OCNI celebrates this MOU signing and looks forward to continuing a strong working relationship with the Romanian nuclear supplier community in supporting the life extension of Cernaoda units 1 &2 and in developing future nuclear projects in Romania that will lead to a secure energy supply in the region, creation of jobs in both Romania and Canada, and to further technological developments” said OCNI President Dr. Ron Oberth.

No specific announcement was made concerning the completion of the Cernavoda facility, which was first envisioned as a power plant with five CANDU 6-type reactors with a capacity of around 720 MWe each. With the first two reactors completed, the remaining three units were left unfinished due to market uncertainties. The current two units, commissioned in 1996 and 2007, respectively, produce about 20 percent of Romania's electricity generation. 

The OCNI is an association comprised of more than 200 Canadian suppliers to the nuclear industry. ROMATOM is made up of about 35 active member companies that work in nuclear power equipment manufacturing, construction and erection, engineering design, and other services that support the nuclear industry in Romania.

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