Framatome, Bruce Power Sign MOU Outlining New Contract

Framatome said it had reached an agreement with Bruce Power underscoring an $18.7 million contract "covering a range of innovations and new activities."

FramatomeThe two parties signed a Memorandum of Understanding outlining the deal, Framatome said.

The contract calls for Framatome to design and implement Bruce Power’s filtered containment venting systems, a safe technology that helps to control the build-up of excessive pressure while safely releasing hydrogen and capturing fission products.

More than 50 plants worldwide use Framatome’s filtered containment venting system, which can be installed in all types of reactors.

This work builds on Framatome’s previously announced work on services for Bruce Power’s transformers and other high-voltage components as a part of the high-voltage maintenance program. Framatome will also serve on the team to replace steam generators at Unit 6 of the Bruce Nuclear Generating Station.

In order to execute these improvements, Framatome expanded its office facility near Kincardine to continue to support Bruce Power in its Life-Extension Programs and other nuclear-related activities.

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