WIPP To Suspend Incoming Shipments For Three Weeks

Officials at the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) in Carlsbad, New Mexico, said the plant would suspend incoming shipments for three weeks beginning January 7, so that maintenance tasks could be done.

WIPPThe work will include maintenance on electrical substations, as well as refurbishment of a landing station where waste is taken prior to its disposal underground, The Republic Reported.

The facility currently takes in five to 10 shipments per week, which is lower than maximum, but all the plant can handle until a new ventilation system is installed.

The Nuclear Waste Partnership (a joint AECOM and BWX Technologies project that operates the facility, along with major subcontractors) announced in November that a key infrastructure contract had been awarded to Critical Applications Alliance for installation of a $135 million ventilation system which they termed the Safety Significant Confinement Ventilation System. The Nuclear Waste Partnership said in a statement it would be “the largest containment fan system among the Department of Energy’s facilities and the largest construction project at WIPP in 30 years.

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