Framatome Completes Forsmark Unit 3 Upgrades

Framatome has successfully completed commissioning for a project to modernize the safety Instrumentation & Control (I&C) system in unit 3 of the Forsmark* nuclear power plant operated by the Swedish utility Forsmarks Kraftgrupp AB, a subsidiary of Vattenfall.

Forsmark NPP French nuclear power services and supply company Framatome said it had completed commissioning for an upgrade project to modernize the safety instrumentation and control system for Unit 3 at the Foremark nuclear power plant in Sweden.

Forsmark 3 is a boiling water reactor with an installed net capacity of 1,170 megawatts. The reactor on Sweden's east coast, began commercial operations in 1985. 

Under the upgrading contract, Framatome supplied a new neutron flux measuring system, provided the qualification testing and installed the components. The contract also included engineering and related services to perform the regular functional system tests as well as the necessary upgrade of the simulator, the company said.

The new I&C assemblies for the neutron flux wide range monitoring system have been designed and manufactured as modules and installed into the existing cabinets on site. The modular design with flexible mechanical integration solution makes the system very versatile applicable in all boiling water reactor plants worldwide. The wide range system monitors the neutron flux in the reactor core during downtime as well as plant start-up and shut-down operations, contributing to plant safety during these operating stages.

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