Final IAEA Report On Second Nigerian Reactor Is Done

The International Atomic Energy Agency has handed the final report over to Nigeria's Minister of Science and Technology Ogbonnaya Onu related to the country's preparedness to purchase and operate a second research-oriented nuclear reactor, which is expected to be larger than the one already operating in the country. 

IAEA NigeriaThe IAEA said Nigeria "already has in place processes covering most of the 19 infrastructure issues," to carry out such a program. However, the report, which was turned over to Nigeria on Dec. 12, 2018, also recommended "infrastructure ... be stepped up for the implementation of a bigger reactor project."

The country's current programs in place are especially strong in the areas of safety and education, the IAEA said.

However, the report also recommends an in-depth analysis of the main uses of the larger reactor and enhanced planning of human resources. It emphasizes the importance of a thorough site evaluation, as recommended by the IAEA Safety Standards.

“Nigeria is establishing a sound basis for its program and is willing to learn from international experience,” said Christophe Xerri, Director of the IAEA's Division of Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Waste Technology, who delivered the report on behalf of the IAEA. “The IAEA is ready to continue supporting Nigeria, at their request, to develop the infrastructure for its new project," Xerri said.

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