NuScale, Ultra, Unveil Programmable Display System

Modular light water reactor developer NuScale Power and the business group Ultra Electronics Energy (Ultra) on Thursday unveiled a new safety display and indication system using field programmable gate array (FPGA) technology that represents the first application of FPGA technology for real time display and monitoring in the U.S. commercial nuclear industry.

NuScale designThe display system is designed to show critical safety plant data in high resolution, high fidelity graphics for each of a NuScale plant’s 12 power modules, once a plant is constructed. The system allows for a dedicated display system for each reactor.

The evolutionary digital display system has the capability to display safety-related reactor data in real-time, is configurable with multi-color, high-resolution graphics up to 1080p, and is able to graphically display historical data trends over a defined period of time. Use of FPGA technology also means a simpler, more efficient and predictable design: the safety display and indication system displays plant data without using microprocessors, operating systems, or software in the runtime environment. In addition, the innovative design has improved obsolescence tolerance and reduced cyber security attack vectors compared to other digital display systems currently available. Overall, the benefits have led to a more predictable and efficient safety justification process.

"The displays will receive input from NuScale’s Module Protection System and will not only enhance the already unparalleled safety of a NuScale Power Plant, but also continue to demonstrate the innovation NuScale brings to the industry," NuScale and Ultra said in a joint statement.

“We’re proud to pioneer the use of FPGA technology in a ground-breaking application for our safety display system,” said NuScale Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer José Reyes. “We continue to make significant progress in the development of NuScale’s state-of-the-art digital instrumentation and control systems, as we build our systems from the ground up to meet technical, safety and regulatory criteria.”

NuScale’s small modular reactor is designed to be a factory-made system that offers scalable power based on need by building plants with one to 12 small reactors running in parallel. energy industry. The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission is scheduled to complete NuScale’s Design Certification application review in September 2020.

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