Russian Plants Hit Generation Records

Operators at the Novovoronezh nuclear plant in Russia said the VVER-440 Unit 4 reactor at the plant reached 100 percent of is rated capacity on January 10 following an extensive upgrade project expected to allow the plant to operated through 2032. In the same week, Rosenergoatom said that its fleet had set new generation records in 2018.

Novovoronezh NPPThe overhaul included “fundamentally new safety systems,” said Nuclear Engineering International quoted Deputy Chief Engineer at the plant Andrei Meremyanin as saying. In the overhaul, the engineer also said that “resources were used from Unit 3,” which has been closed since 2016.

Novovoronezh Units 1 and 2 at the plant have also been closed, as of 1984 and 1990, respectively. Unit 5, commissioned in 1980, is still operating, as is Unit 6, also known as Novovoronezh II Unit 1, which was commissioned in February 2017. A seventh reactor for the plant is under construction.

Russia’s nuclear power utility Rosenergoatom said this week that the country’s nuclear power fleet generated 204TWh of electricity in 2018, surpassing the fleet’s previous record of almost 203TWh set in 2017.

The most productive plant also set a record. Kalinin NPP generated more than 83 percent of the power for the Tver region in western Russia, producing about 35TWh from four reactors, a record for one facility.

Rosergoatom currently operates 35 reactors at 10 facilities, which generate 19 percent of Russia’s electricity. The installed capacity of the 35 units is 29GWe.

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