GSE Lands Nuclear Company's Data Systems Contract

With the results of a successful pilot project behind it, GSE Systems said Tuesday it has been awarded a contract from a major US nuclear operating company to deliver a Data Validation & Reconciliation (“DVR”) solution for the utility’s large fleet of nuclear reactors. 

GSEThe company did not name the client, but said True North Consulting, a GSE company, will deploy Belsim’s VALI software to build simulation models of the client’s numerous nuclear reactor plants. They will then integrate the models with the respective plant information systems as a step towards full DVR automaton throughout the client's fleet of nuclear plants.

"The resulting models will enable the utility to perform additional calculations for critical systems, such as feed flow systems," the company said.

These aim of the project is to reduce uncertainty and validate plant instrumentation readings, an increasingly critical procedure, especially as in-house sensors age.

In addition to analysis of instruments for critical systems, these enhanced plant models are useful for a variety of purposes, such as optimizing preventative maintenance and testing.

GSE will build the models in 2019 with an option to perform further integration in 2020, the company said. "Data from these models will feed other high-level information systems in use by the utility."

VALI is an online DVR application that enhances plant system data quality with regards to coherency, reliability and availability. GSE has an exclusive arrangement with Belsim to utilize the VALI DVR software for power plant applications in the US.

According to GSE, the use of DVR technology has been adopted in Europe and is taking hold in the US.

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