Shin-Kori Unit 4 Startup Approved

South Korea’s Nuclear Safety and Security Commission has approved of the start of Shin-Kori Unit 4, the regulator said on February 1 following an inspection by the Korea Institute of Nuclear Safety.

Shin-Kori NPPThe South Korean-designed APR1400 reactor near the southeastern city of Busan, was previously expected to enter commercial operations status in September 2018. Cold and hot testing for the unit was completed in April 2016, but start up was delayed so new design improvements could be made.

Shin-Kori Unit 4 and Unit 3 were authorized in 2006 with original start up dates planned for September 2013 and September 2014, respectively. Previous delays were attributed to testing and subsequent replacement of safety-related control cabling, according to Nuclear Engineering International. A further 3-month delay came about in 2017, when the government chose to stop work on nuclear power plants to assess the public’s sentiments concerning nuclear power. A government sponsored panel later recommended construction re-commence.

The first concrete pour for Unit 4 began in August 2009, eleven months after the first concrete pour for Shin-Kori 3.

Four APR1400 model reactors are also under construction at the Barakah plant in the United Arab Emirates. Initial startups expected in 2020 at Barakah, which has been under construction since March 2011. Two others are under construction at Shin-Hanul in South Korea.

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    The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission issued in September 2018 a final safety evaluation report (FSER) and standard design approval (SDA) to the Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Company, Ltd. (KHNP) for the Advanced Power Reactor, a 1,400 megawatts electrical power reactor (APR1400).  The reactor is the first non-US reactor applicant to receive an Standard Design Approval under Section 103 of the Atomic Energy Act and 10 CFR Part 52.  The APR1400 was also the first reactor design to be approved under Part 52 within the NRC’s 42-month review benchmark.  NRC is currently finalizing design certification rulemaking for the APR1400 which is expected to be completed this Spring (2019).