First Fuel Loading Underway At Shin Kori 4

Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power technicians are loading the first batch of fuel into the Unit 4 reactor core at the Shin Kori nuclear power plant in South Korea in a process that began on Feb. 7, the company said.

Shin Kori The Nuclear Safety and Security Commission approved the fuel loading and start up the previous week, based on their review of an inspection carried out by the Korea Institute of Nuclear Safety. Fuel loading will include 241 fuel assemblies scheduled to be loaded by March 1.

Startup of the 1350 MWe APR1400 pressurized water reactor has been subjected to three significant delays, the most recent being safety studies undertaken after the September 2016 Gyeongui earthquake and the November 2017 Pohang earthquake. Prior to that, the expected September 2014 commercial start date was postponed by testing and replacement of control cables.

The first concrete pour for Unit 4 took place in August 2009, following the first pour for Unit 3 in October 2008. Subsequently concrete was poured for Unit 5 in April 2017 and for Unit 6 in September 2018.

There are four other APR1400 reactors under construction at Barakah in the United Arab Emirate. 

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