Britain Renews Search For Repository Site (With Clip)

Britain’s Radioactive Waste Management (RWM), a division of the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority, is resurrecting a search for a host community for an underground repository for radioactive materials.

Radioactive Waste Management engineers RWM announced a new policy in mid-December, 2018, that opened the door for renewing a search for a host site. A similar search was undertaken in 2008 and concluded in 2013 with no community found that would be willing to move forward with the project. 

There are currently 20 sites above ground in Britain that store spent nuclear reactor fuel. The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority envisions a repository that would store the waste as much as 1,000 meters underground (3,281 feet).

The renewed search, which is to include community involvement in decision making throughout, is to be conducted with strategies gleaned from a recent white paper that documented lessons learned from the first failed attempt to secure community investment in the project.

Two communities in Cumbria, according to Nuclear Engineering International, have indicated willingness to host a site, but local councils at both communities vetoed the process.

“RWM recognizes that this nationally important project needs to contribute positively to the community within which it is located,” the RWM Chairman Malcolm Morley in an on line statement. “Working with communities will be at the very center of its approach to the delivery of the GDF (Geological Disposal Facility).

A YouTube clip walks viewers through the basics arguments for developing a GDF in Britain with computer graphics displaying the potential look of a repository in action.

Here’s the clip: