IAEA Team Notes Safety Improvements At Golfech NPP

A United Nations inspection team said that Electricite de France, operator of the Golfech Nuclear Power Plant, had made significant improvements to enhance operational safety at the plant since a prior inspection three years ago.

GolfechAn International Atomic Energy Agency’s Operational Safety Review Team (OSART) completed the follow-up mission to the plant on 17 May. The plant, operated by utility EDF, has two 1300 megawatt pressurized water reactors, which were connected to the grid in 1990 and 1993, respectively.

The OSART missions are designed to improve operational safety through objective assessments of safety performance held up against IAEA standards. The follow up missions – in this case three years after the original mission – are set up at the behest of the plant owners.

“We observed that the plant has shown a strong commitment and made noticeable progress since the initial OSART mission,” said team leader Yury Martynenko, a senior nuclear safety officer at the IAEA.

The team was comprised of five members, including one from Russia, one from Brazil and three from the IAEA.

The team noted that the plant had modified monitoring and cleaning of cooling water systems, a recommendation from the previous review. More work was needed, however, tracking corrective actions which would support more effective on site resolution to issues. In addition, the quality of maintenance could use improvement and plant management, it was recommended, should systematically use human performance tools to reduce errors.

Improvements could be made in efficiency managing design modifications, the inspection team noted.

“As a learning organization, we welcome the opportunity to align with industry best practices and continually challenge ourselves to keep moving the bar higher,” said Nicolas Brouzeng, Plant Director, EDF. “The results of this follow-up mission will help us continue our record of safe operations and ensure we deliver on our commitment to secure France’s clean power future.”

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