IAEA Team Inspects Qinshan NPP In China

An International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) team of experts completed a review of long term operational safety at the Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) Unit 1 in China on 10 May, the agency said.

IAEAAs part of standard protocols, IAEA inspection teams are invited by the plant's owner or operator. The Nuclear Power Operations Management Co (CNNO), a unit of China National Nuclear Power Co., requested the UN inspection team to visit the plant. The Qinshan NPP Unit 1 went into operation in 1991 and CNNO has submitted a request to China’s National Nuclear Safety Administration (NNSA) to renew the plant’s operating license for a period of 20 years after its current license expires in 2021.

The SALTO team, which began its work on 7 May, reviewed CNNO’s response to recommendations and suggestions made during an initial SALTO mission in 2017.

The team was comprised of five experts from Argentina, the Netherlands, Sweden, the United States and the IAEA. They noted improved coordination among current plant operational programs and ageing management programs; implemented ageing management programs for electrical, instrumentation and control components; and improved competence and knowledge management processes.

The team also noted that further work is necessary to complete a periodic safety review and implement an environmental qualification program.

Plant management expressed determination to continue to address the remaining issues and prepare the NPP for safe Long Term Operation, the IAEA said.

The team provided a draft report to the plant management and the NNSA at the end of the mission. The plant management and NNSA will have an opportunity to make factual comments on the draft. A final report will be submitted to the plant management, NNSA and the Chinese Government within three months.

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