Patent Issued for a New Type of Transparent Radiation Shielding for the Medical and Nuclear Industries

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Radium Incorporated (Radium) announced today that it has been issued a patent from the United States Patent and Trademark Office for a new type of transparent radiation shield. Branded as ClearView Radiation Shielding™, the proprietary shielding solution is 50% lighter in weight than lead (Pb) for an equivalent attenuation from high energy gammas and shields significantly better than lead glass.

ClearView Frisker Cave“We needed a lightweight but effective shielding solution for a product that we were developing and nothing available in the industry met our requirements,” said Cam Abernethy, President of Radium Incorporated. “Through our development and testing of different materials, we developed a solution that was transparent, non-toxic, and can take on any shape.”

U.S. Patent No. 10,262,763 is titled “Systems, Devices, and/or Methods for Managing Radiation Shielding” and comprises 20 claims. ClearView Radiation Shielding has been successfully used in the nuclear, medical, and radiopharmaceutical industries for over two years. ClearView has extensive applications with ongoing product development from medical and industrial equipment to wearable shields for space applications and first responders.

“In the medical field, ClearView offers successful high radiation dose reduction for inpatient radiotherapy procedures to hospitals like Boston Children’s for caregiver protection and other nuclear medicine applications. Hospitals will not have to reject baseline anxious patients and patients will be more willing to undergo therapy if they know they will not be secluded for days. Using ClearView will substantially support the healthcare industry,” said Jayeesh Bakshi, Nuclear Engineer at Radium Incorporated.

“Use of the ClearView transparent rolling shields has been well received by staff, patient and family members compared to the conventional opaque lead shields. Healthcare providers and caretakers have the ability to visibly monitor and see the patient in radiation isolation while allowing us to adequately provide sufficient measures of radiation protection.” - Bae P. Chu, Health Physicist, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.

“We recently treated our first patient using the ClearView shielding. The patient, the family, and our staff loved it.  Having the ClearView shields is a tremendous improvement for our patients. We can’t thank you enough.” - Greg Yanik MD, Pediatric Hematology/Oncology, C. S. Mott Children’s Hospital, University of Michigan Health System.

With increasing FDA approvals such as Lu-177 and successful clinical studies such as I-131 MIBG therapy for using radiation therapy, Radium’s ClearView Radiation Shielding is positioned well in the medical market for new product development for safer dose administering, enhancing patient communication and relieving anxiety during diagnosis and treatment of adult and pediatric cancers.

Radium is providing transparent shielding to DOE laboratories and nuclear power plants for daily operations and outage support. Being a lightweight and see-through shield, ClearView has helped improve working conditions and efficiency in ways which were not possible with traditional shielding materials. Radium has other patent pending applications and claims for this product.

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