Stage Two NPP Agreements Signed By Uzbekistan

UzAtom, the nuclear development agency of Uzbekistan, has signed stage two agreements for construction of a two-unit nuclear power plant with Russian representatives of Atomstroyexport, the engineering division of Rosatom.

RosatomThe agreements follow up on cooperation agreements signed in September 2018 that allowed for preliminary steps for what are envisioned to be Central Asia’s first two nuclear power plants. Plans call for two third generation VVER-1200 reactors. Last month, Uzbekistan confirmed with the United Nation’s International Atomic Energy Agency that it had begun its site selection process for the plant. It is expected, Uzbekistan said, that site construction licenses would be issued by September 2020.

The agreements signed on May 17 at the Power Uzbekistan 2019 conference out line steps for engineering surveys and data collection to assist preparation of the Environmental Impact Assessment.

“This signing of this document is another step in the implementation of a large-scale project for the construction of the most modern and safest nuclear power plant with VVER-1200 reactors in Uzbekistan,” said Dmitry Ashanin, the deputy director for project outreach for Rosatom, one of the signers of the agreement.

His counterpart, Otabek Amanov, construction director at UzAtom, said the agreement “will allow the start of survey work at the construction site of the future plant.”

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