Vietnam, Russia, Sign MOU For Nuclear Science Center

Russia and Vietnam have expanded their collaborative arrangements for cooperation on nuclear technology, signing a memorandum of understanding that covers development of a science center to be built in Vietnam.

MOU signing “Russian and Vietnamese experts have already carried out a number of joint actions within the framework of this project, including the definition of preliminary requirements and the selection of the most suitable site for construction,” Russia’s nuclear power corporation Rosatom said in a statement.

Rosatom noted that the two parties had approved a preliminary feasibility study of the project in November 2018. “The signed Memorandum defines further steps for the construction,” Rosatom said.

The late May MOU included signatures from Rosatom General Director Alexey Likhachev and Vietnam’s Minister of Science and Technology Chu Ngoc Ahn. The two prime ministers,Dmitry Medvedev of Russia and Nguyen Xuan Phuc were present at the signing.

Several cooperative agreements preceded this MOU. The two government signed documents paving the way for a nuclear technology center in late 2011. In June 2017, an agreement between the two outlined cooperation for a Center for Nuclear Science and Technology that would be run by Vietnam’s Atomic Energy Institute.

According to the World Nuclear Association, the center will include a “multi-purpose VVR research reactor with a capacity of up to 15 MWt.” The agreements also envision research and engineering facilities, which will be based in Hanoi.

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