Fermi Energia SMR Study Looking Beyond Moltex

A late-March announcement that tagged Motlex Energy as the preferred vendor for Fermi Energia’s goals of reducing carbon emissions with Moltex advanced reactors was slightly misleading, the company’s Chairman of the Board Sandor Liive said.

Molten Salt Reactor The company has “no other credible source,” aside from nuclear power in pursuit of a clean-energy future, Liive said, as quoted by the World Nuclear Association. “If indeed Fermi Energia succeeds in developing understanding and knowledge for that option, given the emerging sharp power supply deficit, Estonia could be the first EU country to deploy an SMR (small modular reactor) in the 2030s,” Liive said.

Liive went on to say he was “very happy with the reception from the Estonian public, politicians and investment community of developing the small modular nuclear option for Estonia.’

However, he also said, “the Moltex Energy statement of March 2019 on Fermi Energy having selected its design as the one preferred was not entirely correct. Fermi Energia is also including NuScale SMR, Terrestial Energy ISMR-400 and GE Hitachi BWRX-300 in its feasibility study. Only after full licensing approval, an EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) contract and the start of power generation of a FOAK (First of a Kind) is it credible for a vendor selection process in a new nuclear country to proceed to construction license application with the authorities.”

Shale oil is currently the source of the majority of electricity generation in Estonia. It is produced at the 2380 MWe Narva plant, the WNA said.

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