NuScale Timeline: 12-Module Plant By 2027

In an extensive interview with Neutron Bytes, co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of NuScale Power Jose N. Reyes laid out the timeline for the first modular reactor power plant, which is expected to be up and running in 2027.

NuScale Site preparation on behalf of the Utah Associated Municipal Power Systems, NuScale’s first customer, is expected to start in 2021. On-site construction is expected to be underway in 2023. One of the 12 small modular reactors for the plant could be operational by late 2026 with the next 11 SMRs operational sometime in 2027, he said.

Timelines for future plants, however, could drop significantly as the first installation is always a learning process with takeaways that are valuable to subsequent projects.

Other revelations in the interview include the estimation of 13,500 supply chain jobs in the United States should the company’s growth trajectory be realized. That number relies on construction of three 12-module power plants per year.

NuScale, meanwhile, has made inroads in Canada, Jordan, Romania and Britain as either customers or supply chain bases for overseas construction. In the United States, many vendors have already signed on.

“In keeping with the UK government’s strategy, NuScale SMRs could make a very significant contribution to providing a low carbon form of energy, alongside the fact that British companies could potentially provide more than 85 percent of the content required for those deployments,” Reyes said.

He said NuScale would “continue to support the development of UK skills and capabilities, particularly in the area of high value manufacturing.”

“There is a valuable opportunity for NuScale to transform the UK into an export hub,” he said, “capturing a significant share of a lucrative future global SMR market.”

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  • Anonymous

    Wow, he sounds so confident: "One of the 12 small modular reactors for the plant could be operational by late 2026"!  I would like to hear from UAMPS regard this plant - they are, after all the customer, are they not?  Interesting that site prep "on behalf of" UAMPS is starting...why is it "on their behalf"? Who is doing it, DoE?  Has UAMPS submitted its license application to the NRC yet?  If they haven't, how close are they to completing the it? I imagine license application review would take 3 or 4 years to finish and it is almost fiscal 2020 already.  I don't think there is even half a chance that construction will be "underway by 2023".  Author, you really need to ask NuScale the tough questions like "Where is your customer in all this?"