Permit Issued For Confrentes NPP Dry Storage Facility

The Ministry of the Environment in Spain has issued licensing for the construction of a dry storage facility for spent nuclear fuel at the Confrentes Nuclear Power Plant in Velencia, run by utility giant Iberdrola.

Confrentes NPPThe permit was issued in mid-June, issued by the General Directorate of Biodiversity and Environmental Quality, Nuclear Engineering International reported.

The storage facility is expected to cost $4.4 million and be ready to accept its first nuclear waste by September 2021. 

The plant itself is expected to close down in 2024 with storage pools reaching capacity in 2021. Meanwhile, construction continues at the Centralized Temporary Storage facility in Villas de Canas, which is behind schedule.

An on-site dry storage facility, with a capacity for 24 storage containers, could make it feasible for the Confrentes plant to continue operating until 2031 or longer. Completion of the centralized storage facility could extend that even further, NEI said. 

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