Trump Calls For "Fuller Analysis" Of Uranium Imports

U.S. President Donald Trump has rejected a request by two U.S. mining companies to impose a mandate that would give U.S. miners exclusivity to 25 percent of the uranium market. The mining companies, Ur-Energy USA and Energy Fuels Resources, had claimed that current market dynamics include imports of uranium that include government subsidized production, thus given foreign producers an unfair advantage.

TrumpAs it is, foreign imports make up 93 percent of the uranium market in the United States, according to a presidential decree, up from 85.8 percent ten years ago. The miners believe this represents a trend that could cause the U.S. production of uranium to grind to a halt.

Trump said he “did not concur” with the Secretary of Commerce, who compiled a report on the uranium market that sided with the U.S. companies.

 “At this time, I do not concur with the Secretary’s findings that uranium imports threaten to impair the national security of the United States as defined under section 232 of the Act (the Trade Expansion Act of 1962),” the president said. “Although I agree that the Secretary’s findings raise significant concerns regarding the impact of uranium imports on the national securtity with respect to domestic mining.”

Trump called for a “fuller analysis of national security considerations with respect to the entire nuclear fuel supplyl chain.”

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