Ceremony Kicks Off SMR Project In China

China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC) announced the construction start of its small multipurpose modular reactor called the Linglong One or ACP100 at Changjiang in the Hainen Province. The demonstration project, as it is designated, is based on the larger ACP1000 reactor and would be among the forefront of the world’s efforts to develop small modular reactors for a variety of purposes.

CNNC SMR LaunchThe ACP 100 is designed to work in delivering heat, steam, electricity or for desalinization projects. The site preparation, which began with a construction ceremony on July 18, is the launch of a project expected to take about five and a half years to complete. The ACP100 is scheduled for start up in 2025.

“The small modular reactor is safe and economical with a high degree of flexibility in terms of power and scale, as well as being adaptable for power plants in challenging locations,” CNNC said. “It is able to provide power for small and medium-sized electricity grids, along with any energy-consuming system.”

Linglong One, which CNNC started researching the technology for in 2010, became the first small modular reactor to have passed a safety review by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in 2016.

Based on current pressurized-water reactor technology, Linglong One is considered to have excellent safety features, thanks to its integrative reactor design and passive automotive safety system. The technology is also environmentally friendly, enabling sustainable economic development. 

The Linglong One demonstration project will verify the design, manufacture, construction and operation of the technology. It will also help the company gain experience of running small nuclear power stations and enable it to explore the future market for small reactors. 

The development of small nuclear reactors accords with the policy of building the National Ecological Civilization Pilot Zone in Hainan. CNNC continues to make a major contribution to protecting the environment. The first Hainan nuclear project built by CNNC in 2015 provides the province with about 30 percent of its power and has sharply reduced emissions of carbon dioxide.

The single unit is rated at 125MWe. The demonstration project was originally designated for a site in the Fujian province, but that was scrubbed in favor of a full-scale reactor project in 2017.



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  • Anonymous

    Many must be wondering about the timing of China's SMR ACP100. How much was acquired from NuScale, Westinghouse, and the US nuke consortium.  Linglong One is just another "acquisition".