Weld Repairs To Push Flamanville Start Up To 2023

French utility EDF has said that ongoing welding problems at Flamanville 3 would push back the start up date until at least early 2023, putting the initial schedule back further. The original start up date for the third unit at Flamanville in Normandy was seven years ago in 2012.

Flamanville 3The latest delay was announced July 26. The latest postponement is due to welding repairs that the French Nuclear Safety Authority (ASN) recommended, warning EDF that, “rather then trying to justify that the weldings are fit for service in their current state,” it might “proceed to repair the weldings,” instead.

EDF announced in June that it was reviewing ASN’s recommendations “related to the deviations affecting welds on the main steam transfer pipes covered by the break preclusion principle at the Flamanville EPR.” At that point, EDF pledged to do a monetary analysis of the repairs and to make a decision on the welds in the near future.

A year ago, EDF said the welding issues had pushed costs $445.94 million, pushing the total costs of Flamanville 3 to $12.3 billion. The original cost estimate, according to Nuclear Engineering International, was $3.34 billion.

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