NRC Certifies HI-STAR 100MB Nuclear Fuel Transporting System

The US Nuclear Regulatory Commission has certified Holtec International’s HI-STAR 100MB for transporting and storing nuclear plant fuel.

Among the technology differentiators of HI-STAR are its ability to ship contents packaged in an MPC or in a “bare basket,” to transport both moderate burn-up and high burn-up fuel in the various sizes employed in light water reactors, and to transport fuel with as little as 3 ½ years of decay after discharge from the reactor.

Holtec HI-STAR 100MBThe certification of HI-STAR 100MB at present includes the high capacity Canister, MPC-32M, and “bare baskets” F-24M and F-32M, all using Metamic-HT as basket material for optimal performance. The cask is however sized to hold any canister loaded in the industry up to 68-1/2 inches in diameter which means almost every canister commissioned into dry storage in the US before 2014.

A dual purpose (capable of transport and on-site storage) and dual use (capable of holding both unpackaged and canisterized fuel) makes HI-STAR 100MB industry’s first cask with all of these capabilities.

HI-STAR 100MB utilizes a number of Holtec-owned patents, such as the “collapsible trunnions,“ to achieve its superb structural, thermal and shielding capabilities.

“Developing ever more robust transport casks with ever more versatility to make fuel transport on our nation’s railroads ever safer is a core mission of our Nuclear Power Division. HI-STAR 100MB exemplifies our new generation of transport casks that fulfill the above mission in full measure,” says Dr. Stefan Anton, Holtec’s VP of Engineering & Licensing.

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