NDA Takes Ownership Of Magnox Ltd.

Britain’s Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) said that it had taken over ownership of Magnox Ltd. from the Parent Body Organization, Cavendish Fluor Partnership, which has been contracted to dismantle 12 Magnox nuclear sites, including two research facilities and 10 nuclear reactors. The new arrangement allows the NDA and Cavendish Fluor to tighten up their working relationship, leadership said.

Chapelcross NPPDavid Peattie, chief executive officer of the NDA called the event “an important day for Magnox and the NDA as we continue to find more effective and efficient ways of managing nuclear site clean up and decommissioning.” The government’s Public Accounts Committee has faulted the NDA for managing clean up of Magnox legacy sites, which has been contracted to Cavendish Fluor Partnership since 2014. Taking over Cavendish Fluor Partnership, a joint venture of Fluor and Babcock International. “We’ve secured a very strong executive team, led by Gwen Parry-Jones OBE, to drive progress and success across the Magnox sites,” said Peattie, referring to Cavendish Fluor CEO who took over in March to lead the transition.

”Being an NDA subsidiary give us more opportunities to work closely as part of the NDA group, share ideas and take a more flexible approach to decommissioning the UK’s first generation of nuclear power stations,” Parry-Jones said.

The task at hand is decommissioning 10 nuclear reactor sites and two research facilities. These include Bradwell, Dungeness A, Hinkley Point A, Berkeley, Oldbury and Sizewell A in England, Chapelcross and Hunterston in Scotland and Trawsfynydd and Wylfa in North Wales plus the Harwell and Winfrith research sites in England.

The NDA said the new arrangement mirrored the organizational set up for management of decommissioning at the Sellafield site. 

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