First Of 12 Palo Verde Feedwater Heaters Replaced

The first of 12 low-pressure feedwater heater replacements at the Palo Verde Generating Station in Arizona has been completed "on an expedited schedule," contracted project leader Framatome announced.

Palo Verde feedwater heater replacementThe new 50-ton feedwater heater replacement involved removing and reinstalling 24 sections of pipe and a total of 370 field welds. "The project team demonstrated its technical expertise to supply and install" the component, Farmatome said.

The remaining replacements will take place over a seven-year agenda. For this Unit 1 replacement, the Framatome team leveraged 3-D modeling for the component and piping design, as well as precision measurements.

The Palo Verde plant is comprised of three pressuirzed water reactors each with a gross capacity to produce 1,400 megawatts of electricity. The plant produces about 70 percent of Arizona's carbon-emissions-free electricity. Overall, the plant meets more than a quarter of the state's demand for electricity, supplying power to 4 million people across four different states.

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