Framatome, Siemens, To Supply I&C For Hanhikivi 1

The contract to supply core instrumentation and control systems for the Hanhikivi 1 nuclear power plant in Finland has been awarded to a Framatome of France and Seimens of Germany in a compartmentalized contract, according to the plant’s owner.

Hanhikivi NPPWith this contract signed, all the major suppliers for the project are in place, Fennovoima said.

The main building contractor Titan-2 has reached an agreement with Framatome-Siemens to supply the plants core automation systems. According to the contract, Framatome will supply the safety automation systems, while Siemens will be the operational systems supplier. Fennovoima, however, was part of the contract negotiations, the company said.

According to Fennovoima Project Director Jouni Takakarhu, there are almost 1,000 approved supply contracts in place. “Instrumentation and control is an extremely important milestone for the entire Hanhikivi 1 project,” Takakarhu said. “Now when all the major suppliers have been selected, the design and licensing work can proceed according to our schedule.”

The goal is to get the construction license for the new plant in 2021. Prior to this, a preliminary safety analysis report must be completed and submitted to Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority (STUK). “As the related basic design work progresses, we are also preparing for the construction stage. There is still al lot of work to be done to meet Finnish requirements in preparing the entire supply chain for the construction start, said Timo Okkonen, Fennovoima’s chief operating officer.

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