ITER Awards Two Key Contracts

Following competitive global tender campaigns managed by ITER's Procurement & Contracts Division, two contracts for Tokamak machine assembly—TAC1 and TAC2—have been awarded and signed, said the consortium managing the fusion reactor project.

ITER contracts signedEach contract covers distinct machine assembly scope, purposefully minimizing the interfaces between providers, ITER said. ITER Organization opted for two contracts instead of one n the interest of preserving peer competition and protecting the project from contractor default.

Common to both contracts is the broad range of experience and skills that is demanded in order to handle, install, and align large, heavy, sensitive, and high-value components (such as superconducting magnet structures) to within accuracies of millimetres; to carry out the precise fit-up for weldments and mechanical connections; and to ensure 100 percent leak-tightness for all vacuum components and connections.

The so-called TAC1 contract covers the cryostat and cryostat thermal shield; magnet feeders; the central solenoid, poloidal field and correction coil magnets; and cooling structures and instrumentation. This contract was awarded to CNPE Consortium made up of China Nuclear Power Engineering; China Nuclear Industry 23 Construction Company Ltd.; Southwestern Institute of Physics; Institute of Plasma Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences ASIPP; and Framatome.

The second contract, TAC2, covers the main vessel and ports, sector sub-assembly with toroidal field coils and vacuum vessel thermal shielding, and welding. This was awarded to the DYNAMIC SNC Constortium, comprised of Ansaldo Nucleare; Endel Engie; Orys Group ORTEC; SIMIC; Ansalso Energia; and Leading Metal Mechanic Solutions SL.

The ITER Director-General, Bernard Bigot, signed the TAC1 contract today, Monday 30 September, in Beijing, China. TAC2 was signed on 29 July at ITER Headquarters by the Director-General and Francesco Maestri (CEO of Ansaldo Nucleare) from the DYNAMIC SNC consortium.

"These are major contracts for the ITER Organization," according to Bernard Bigot. "We have carefully prepared more than 1,200 engineering work packages for the mechanical installation of the ITER machine components and planned the assembly sequences; we are pleased we have found highly qualified and motivated partners for the execution of the work. We look forward to collaborating with world-renowned industry specialists for the on-time and to-specification assembly of one of the world's most challenging, promising and important scientific instruments." 

Each contract is broken into phases, with detailed works assigned progressively to the contractors through ITER Organization work packages. The execution of assembly works will take place under the day-to-day management of ITER's Construction Management-as-Agent, MOMENTUM.

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