Orano Partnership Wins $13.25M CEA Contract

A partnership between AEMCO and Orano has won a $13.25 million contract from the CEA for the turnkey supply and operation of a processing and packaging unit for legacy nuclear fuels at the Cadarache site in Bouches-du-Rhone, France, the companies announced.

OranoAfter evacuating the old equipment and cleaning up the workshop to house the new processing unit, the teams will install and operate equipment specifically designed for the repackaging in canisters of some 120 radioactive fuel assemblies. The entire project, from design studies to the final clean-up of the premises prior to their handback to the CEA is planned to take place over a period of six years, said Orano.

The contract underscores "the excellent work done by the engineering and field teams to present our client CEA with an offer that is tailored to their exact need,” said Alain Vandercruyssen, Director of the Orano Dismantling and Services business. 

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