Final Containment Ring And System Tests At Vogtle

Georgia Power said that the final containment vessel ring has been placed for Georgia Power’s nuclear expansion project near Waynesboro, Georgia, with the third ring of the Unit 4 containment vessel set today late last week.  This marks the sixth and last containment vessel ring to be placed for the Vogtle 3 & 4 projects.

Vogtle Unit 3In addition, the company said Monday that systems testing is underway at Vogtle 3. Open vessel testing has begun to demonstrate water flow between safety systems and the reactor vessel. The idea is to ensure unrestricted flow and to demonstrate pumps, meters, motors, valves and other systems are intact, not leaking and functioning properly.

"This is a significant step on our path towards operations," said Glen Chick, executive vice presidenr of Vogtle 3&4 Construction. "Open vessel testing will prepare the unit for cold hydro testing and hot functional testing next year – both critical tests required ahead of initial fuel load."

Regarding last week's milestone, the third containment vessel ring for Vogtle 4 was the last of six 13ft-diameter rings to be placed at site. The rings form the walls of the containment vessel and are topped with a containment dome which seals the structure.

Vogtle 3 is scheduled to enter commercial operation in November 2021. Vogtle 4 is scheduled for commercial operations a year later. 

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