British, Canadian Labs Develop Action Plan

Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL), Canada’s premier nuclear science and technology organization, announced Wednesday that it had developed an Action Plan under its existing Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the National Nuclear Laboratory (NNL), a nuclear services technology provider owned and operated by the Government of the United Kingdom (UK).

Chalk River LabThe plan is designed to boost collaboration in research areas that include clean energy, medical isotopes, waste management and decommissioning. The Action Plan was established to address shared opportunities and challenges between Canada and the United Kingdom related to climate change, public health and environment stewardship. 

In particular, both parties have identified research related to advance nuclear reactor fuel, targeted alpha therapy and medical isotope production, and environmental remediation practices and technologies as key areas that the laboratories intend to pursue in partnership.

"The Action Plan will allow CNL and NNL to share expertise, facilities, equipment and other resources to achieve key public policy goals in Canada and the UK, including the development of new technologies to better protect the environment, fight climate change and treat many difficult forms of cancer," said Mark Lesinski, CNL’s President and CEO. 

Among the many activities being carried out at the Chalk River site, CNL is currently working to demonstrate the commercial viability of small modular reactors (SMR), with the goal of siting Canada’s first SMR by 2026. Teams are also hoping to advance the availability and scientific understanding of actinium-225, a rare medical isotope that has shown great promise as the basis for new cancer therapies. Goal No. 3 is to address the Government of Canada’s nuclear legacy liabilities through the planning and execution of a number of major decommissioning and environmental remediation projects.

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