EDF Lowers 2020 Forecast Due To Pandemic

With the coronavirus pandemic crippling economies around the globe, French utility EDF said this week it had lowered its forecast for the year concerning its expected output from the company’s nuclear plants.

EDF EDF said it had lowered its 2020 forecast by 20 percent, dropping output expectations to 300TWh. The prior estimation had set expectations at 375-390 TWh.

EDF also said that its expectations for 2021 and 2022 would be lower, targeting between 330 to 360 TWh in production for those years

In response, the company said it may have to take some plants offline to cut down on fuel consumption.

Lower demand was not the only factor lowering expectations. EDF said that “work that was due to be performed during the maintenance outages has been significantly affected, thereby reducing power output capacity,” at its plants. In addition, the company was making provisions to mitigate the risk of personnel catching the deadly virus.

Since the coronavirus lockdown, Nuclear Engineering International reported, demand for electricity has dropped 15 percent to 20 percent, according to French transmission operator RTE.

France currently has 57 licensed nuclear power plants. Last year, its reactors churned out 379.5 TWh of power, which is 70 percent of the country’s electricity generation.

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