Westinghouse Teams With Guardhat For Digital Systems

Westinghouse Electric Company and Guardhat announced Tuesday that they will deliver the first connected worker solution to the nuclear energy industry. 

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Westinghouse provides nuclear industry expertise and Guardhat's technology expertise, the partnership will leverage the WEConnect system, which helps utilities initiate or accelerate their digitalization strategies.

"Together we are capable of providing groundbreaking human-centric digital solutions for our customers when they need it most, throughout the entire life cycle of nuclear assets," said David Howell, president, Westinghouse Americas Operating Plant Services Business Unit. 

Westinghouse will globally offer the WEConnect system, a mobile-connected worker solution that can be utilized across an entire site or plant population. The WEConnect system provides utility customers with the ability to limit the amount of required personnel on-site, while giving those who are on-location real-time access to remote experts and resources for optimizing the performance of the onsite crews. Flexible packages can either build or leverage an existing digital ecosystem to offer enhanced features that help to improve workforce safety and optimize asset management strategies. The system can also be connected to other digital devices, enterprise applications and platforms, enabling efficient workforce and job management.

Westinghouse has piloted Guardhat's connected worker technology at several utilities during their scheduled refueling outages.


Westinghouse has an extensive history with the nuclear power industry, recently focusing in servicing rather than designing or building power plants. Guardat, based in Detroit, is a leading industrial IoT technology company specialized in developing wearables, infrastructure and software platforms to provide a safer and more productive work environment for frontline industrial workers in heavy manufacturing industries.

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