GA-EMS To Bring Radiation Monitoring System To Millstone

General Atomics Electromagnetic Systems (GA-EMS) said Tuesday that it has been awarded a contract from Dominion Energy to deliver Radiation Monitoring Systems for the Millstone Power Station, Unit 3 in Waterford, Connecticut.

Millstone NPPGA-EMS will manufacture and deliver a full complement of radiation monitoring systems throughout the Millstone plant.

“We offer expertise in customizing and delivering fully qualified monitoring and detection systems to meet specific plant requirements while minimizing the impact replacing legacy systems might have on the plant’s operations," said Scott Forney, president of GA-EMS. 

The company also provides "uninterrupted customer service, so that plants like Millstone have the support and parts they need to maintain each system and ensure continuous operation," he said.

GA-EMS will deliver radiation monitoring systems, including process and area monitors, to replace all installed radiation monitoring systems throughout the plant. All GA-EMS radiation monitoring systems are designed and manufactured in the USA and comply with the highest standards for safety and quality.

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  • Anonymous

    The management at Millstone should know better.  All they have to do is ask their former 'brothers' up the road at Seabrook about the GA Rad Monitoring system.  Nuff said!