WizNucleus Awarded South Texas Nuclear Operating Company’s Security Computer System Replacement Project

--Press Release--

STPNew York, NY., September 3, 2020 -- WizNucleus has been awarded a new Blanket Purchase Contract by South Texas Project (STP). Under this contract, WizNucleus will replace STP’s current Nuclear Plant Security Computer system with WizNucleus’ modern platform. The system is built on open standards, simplified and secure network design, commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware and software, and virtualization. The new system will increase security effectiveness, and allow for more predictable system obsolecence planning. The WizNucleus platform is expected to significantly lower the capital and O&M costs of the security system compared to alternate solutions.

South Texas Project’s decision to adopt WizNucleus’ security integration platform was based on their desire to operate a modular, scalable, and easily upgradeable system.

“The time is right for a new security system in the nuclear power industry; current proprietary systems cannot adapt fast enough to keep up with rapidly changing cyber and physical security requirements. We are thrilled STP recognized this and invested the time and energy to carefully vet our solution,” says Nathan Adams, Vice President of Security Solutions at WizNucleus. 

The system has been vetted against industry regulations, incorporates global security best practices, and is field proven at hundreds of active mission critical sites. 

The project is currently in the design stage and slated for implementation in late 2021. 

About WizNucleus

WizNucleus is a leading vendor of cyber and physical security solutions to nuclear and electric grid customers. The company’s software and security integration solutions are designed to address cybersecurity and regulatory challenges faced by the industry.


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