Altrad Lands Four-Year Service Deal In Britain

French nuclear service company Altrad said it had been awarded a four-year contract by Magnox Limited to support decommissioning work at six sites in Britain.

Chapelcross NPPMagnox Ltd. is handling waste management, defuelling, decommissioning and asset management at 12 nuclear sites. The sites include Berkley in Gloucestershire and Bradwell in Essex, which went commercial in 1962, are the oldest, while Wylfa on Anglessey represents the last sites to end their commercial production. 

The four-year contract began in mid-October. The six sites involved include Chapelcross, Dungeness, A. Hinkley, Hunterson A, Trawfynnydd and Wylfa.

Altrad has fifteen years of experience with Britain's Nuclear Decommissioning Authority, tackling jobs involved with asbestos removal, thermal insulation, environmental cleaning, corrosion protection, cladding and more. The contract recently announced is valued at $32.5 million.

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