Plant Components Reach Turkey And Bangladesh

Russian state-owned corporation Rosatom has notched major shipping milestones at nuclear plants under construction in Turkey and Bangladesh.

Rooppur RPVOn November 10, Rosatom announced the shipment of the reactor pressure vessel for unit 1 at the Akkuyuu nuclear plant site, noting the 330 ton component had journeyed 3,000 kilometers. The reactor pressure vessel measured 4.5 meters in diameter and 12 meters high. It was manufactured at Atommash, which is the Volgodonsk branch of JSC AEM-technology. Manufacturing the component took three years and involved more than 750 production operations, Rosatom said. Delivery of the component from JSC Atommash at Tsimlyanskoye Reservoir to the Eastern Cargo Terminal at the Akkuyu site took 21 days.

Taking an even longer journey, the RPV and a steam generator has also been delivered to the Rooppur NPP construction site in Bangladesh, announced Rosatom’s engineering division ASE.

The components traveled 14,000 kilometers with the final leg of the journey provided by a special barge making the trip from Mongla, the seaport city in Bangladesh, up the Padma River to the construction site. “On 20th October, the equipment arrived on the cargo vessel called “Daisy” at Mongla port, where it was reloaded onto a river barge,” ASE said. From there it took twenty-four days for the equipment to be offloaded at the Rooppur construction site.

The Rooppur NPP reactor vessel weighs 330 tons, while the steam generator weighed in at 340 tons. The entire 14,000 kilometer-long journey took two and a half months. The components were also made at the Atommash facility.

From the Atommash site, the equipment was transported by truck to the berth of Tsimlyansky water-reservoid in the city of Vologodonsk, and from there it was transported by water to Novorossiysk. From the port of Novorossiysk, the equipment was sent to Bangladesh by sea – through the Black Sea and the Suez Canal. The last part of the difficult route to the NPP construction site ran along the Padma River.

The reactor is a core plant component. It is a vertical cylindrical body with an elliptical bottom, inside which the core and internals are located. The steam generator is a cylindrical vessel with two elliptical bottoms. In its middle part there are collectors for supplying and removing the coolant, in the upper part there is a steam space, and in the lower part there is a heat exchanger consisting of 11,000 stainless pipes with a total length of 148.5 kilometers.

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