Terrestrial Energy, NRG, To Test Graphite

Charlotte, NC-based NRG confirmed this week that it started a program with Canadian firm Terrestrial Energy with graphite irradiation tests for the High Flux Reactor.

TE modelThe work is part of a broader program to investigate components and systems in the Molten Salt Reactor plant, which uses Generation IV reactor technology. The aim is to provide high-efficiency power generation and heat for industrial applications.

The graphite tests are performed in the HFR, the company said.

Terrestrial Energy Chief Executive Officer Simon Irish said the development of NRG “reflects an important feature of our testing strategy, namely working with existing laboratories with existing capabilities rather than building them in house.” 

Relying on NRG labs “is essential for us to meet our schedule,” Irish said.

In turn, NRG Commercial Director Vinod Ramnandanlal said NRG saw the commercial potential in molten salt technologies. “We are delighted to support Terrestrial Energy in this step towards irradiation testing,” Ramnandanlal said.

The companies see the test as a way to provide more information on the properties of graphite. The Canadian reactor is set up to use the graphite in its reactor core, which will help determine the life of the reactor core. During the research in the HFR, the conditions of neutron radiation and temperature are simulated in the molten salt reactor.


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