SNC-Lavalin Joins Nuclear Innovation Institute

SNC-Lavalin Group has become a Founding Member of the Nuclear Innovation Institute (NII), the industry group said this week.

SNC-LavalinSNC-Lavalin Group is the steward of Canada’s CANDU nuclear technology, which the institute called “a vital part of a sustainable energy mix, proving safe, carbon-free electricity in a world that will increasingly need more of it.” Moreover, nuclear power is seen as a substantial contributor to the transition to a “net zero” emissions goal.

CANDU reactors represent over 20,000 MW of installed capacity in eight countries worldwide—representing a massive amount of emissions-free power.

SNC-Lavalin is bringing its expertise with end-to-end nuclear project solutions and support to Bruce Power’s $13 billion Major Component Replacement program that will extend the life of the Bruce reactors to 2064.

In addition to SNC-Lavalin, NII’s Founding Members group now includes Bruce Power, BWX Technologies, Inc., Cameco, E.S. Fox Limited, Kinectrics and the County of Bruce. “SNC-Lavalin’s history of excellence in the origins of Canada’s nuclear industry and their experience with evolving the CANDU technology makes them an invaluable collaborator on developing new innovations for our industry,” said Mike Rencheck, Chair, NII Board of Directors and President and CEO of Bruce Power.

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