Atomenergomash Ships Improved Reactor

The Volgodonsk Branch of Rosatom’s engineering division Atomenergomash announced on Wednesday the shipment of a new type of nuclear vessel, the VVER-TOI pressurized water reactor headed for the first unit of the Kursk Nuclear Power Plant—Two.

AEM Technologies The reactor was developed by engineers from OKB Gidropress “based on technical decisions for VVER-1200 reactors,” AEM Technology said. The new reactor allows for an upgrade in power, as well as improved technical and efficiency indicators, as well as upgraded safety features.

During manufacturing, Atommash technicians carried out “entire range of tests for item, including hydraulic tests of vessel with standard upper unit cover at pressure of 24.5 MPa (250 atmospheres), which is 1.4 times higher than operating pressure.

The new, 340-ton reactor is made of nickel-free steel. The technology provides four weld joints instead of six, as in the VVER-1200 reactor vessel. “For automatic submerged-arc welding, welding materials were used that were not previously used at Atommash,” the company said. 

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