Components Shipped To Rooppur NPP

Shipment of major components – two steam generators and the VVER-1200 model reactor vessel – are underway from the Volgodonsk Branch of AEM-Technology to the Republic of Bangladesh for Unit 2 at the Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant.

AEM-TechnologyThe nuclear reactor took two years to manufacture in a process that included 768 operations “including 143 control points,” AEM-Technology (AEM) said. “The plant’s specialists carried out the whole range of testing, including hydraulic test of the vessel with the standard cover of the upper unit.”

Testing included a maximum pressure of 24.5 Mpa, 1.4 times the expected operating pressure inside the reactor.

The final stage of the equipment manufacturing is test assembly with the internals. The core barrel, core baffle and the protective tube unit were installed into the reactor vessel in the design position.

The plant’s technicians, together with the customer’s representatives, performed the inspections.

The reactor weighing 320 tons, measures 12 meters long. The two 340-ton steam generators are 14 meters long. They will be delivered to Novorossiysk by water, after which they will be shipped to Bangladesh in a 14,000-kilometer journey by sea.

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