Tianwan Unit 6 Connected To Grid

The sixth unit at the Tianwan Nuclear Power Plant in the Jiangsu province in China has been connected to the grid, the China Nuclear Energy Association announced.

Tianwan NPPThe grid connection was made May 11 at 8:27 pm local time, the World Nuclear Association said.

Tianwan 6 is part of a two-reactor project, Tianwan Phase III. Along with Unit 5, both are ACPR1000 reactors. Construction officially began on December 27, 2015 and September 7, 2016 for units 5 and 6, respectively. In turn, Unit 5 reached commercial operations status in September 2020, while Unit 6 is expected to reach commercial status later this year.

The plant is half owned by China National Nuclear Corporation, while China Power Investment Corporation owns 30 percent and Jiangsu Guoxin Group controls 20 percent.

Contracts with Russian nuclear construction giant Rosatom stipulate that construction of Tianwan Unit 7 is to start with the grid connection for Unit 6. A construction start on an eighth unit is also expected this year.

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