Phase 1 Of Regulatory Review Done For Moltex SMR

The Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) said Tuesday that it had completed Phase 1 of its pre-licensing vendor design review for the SSR W300 molten salt reactor designed by Moltex Energy.

Moltex Energy DesignThe vendor design review (VDR) is done at the request of the vendor. It does not imply licensing of the model reactor is pending; it determines, generally, that the design and design processes “demonstrate implementation of CNSC regulatory requirements.” It is intended to discover, if necessary, any preliminary licensing flaws that may require mitigation or correction.

The regulator said, “Overall, Moltex Energy understands and has correctly interpreted the high-level intent of the CNSC’s regulatory requirements for the design of nuclear power plants in Canada within the scope of Phase 1” portion of the review.

However, the review of the 300MW stable salt reactor design turned up findings that require attention.

“In several instances, owing to the unique characteristics of the reactor design, Moltex Energy is proposing alternative approaches and methodologies to address the underlying intent of CNSC regulatory requirements” in accordance with CNSC regulations. The company has indicated “it will adequately justify the use of these alternative approaches and understands that it will be expected to provide evidence that these alternative approaches will result in an equivalent or superior level of safety.”

Moltex said it was “delighted” to have completed Phase 1 of the review process. “

“Completing Phase 1 of the VDR is a major achievement,” said Rory O’Sullivan, CEO for North America, Molten Energy. “This demonstrates that our technology is processing in the right direction,” he said.

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