Energoatom Inspects V.C. Summer Parts

Call it the year’s most extraordinary yard sale. In a recent working trip to the United States, the head of Ukraine’s National Nuclear Energy Generating Company (Energoatom) visited Westinghouse Electric’s equipment warehouses in South Carolina to check out large components once designated for the now abandoned V.C. Summer expansion project. The purpose of the visit was to scout out components that would be useful at the Khmelnytskyy Nuclear Power Plant using U.S. AP1000 technology.

V.C. Summer components“We inspected the main manufactured equipment of the AP1000 reactor unit, which is stored … and ready for shipment,” said Energoatom chief Petrol Kotin “We certified that the storage conditions are satisfactory and the products are in excellent condition. Most critical equipment is stored under a nitrogen cushion. Complete kit for reactor island available,” he said.

Kolin pointed out that construction time for the Khmelnytskyy plant would be significantly reduced by buying components off the shelf, “as we do not need to spend time on the production of this equipment.”

Discussions on the possible purchases are planned for meetings in Kyiv next week, Energoatom said. As of last week, a Memorandum of Cooperation was signed by Kotin and Westinghouse President and Chief Executive Officer Patrick Fragman.

According to World Nuclear Association, the Khmelnyskyy Unit 4 reactor “started out as a VVER design in 1987, but construction stalled at 28 percent completion.”

The V.C. Summer expansion project was canceled in 2017.

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  • I’m confused, why would Westinghouse be marketing parts from one of their failed projects that cost SC rate payers a fortune to their new partner.

  • I think Westinghouse is kind of an intermediary to help sell this like new equipment. Maybe the funds will be held in escrow until the courts decide how it is to be distributed.

  • Maybe they can get the high priced components for a cost that will bring this  new project in on budget…

  • Anonymous

    Why not make a package deal and re-employ some of its former employees. All have experience

    working the AP1000 construction. Will travel.

  • Anonymous

    Santee Cooper and Westinghouse have now agreed to split the net sales proceeds of the nuclear-related equipment. For major non-installed nuclear equipment, the proceeds will be split 50-50, while for major installed nuclear equipment, Santee Cooper will receive 90% and Westinghouse 10%. For other equipment that could be used in nuclear projects, 67% of proceeds will go to Santee Cooper and 33% to Westinghouse. Santee Cooper has 100% ownership of the remaining project equipment. Westinghouse has responsibility for marketing the nuclear equipment. The marketing and sales effort will last for up to five years.

  • Anonymous

    Mac, I think it is just cost recovery. Westinghouse gets a 1/3 cut and the rest goes to Santee Cooper. Hope all is well. Dennis and I called you to check in.