Hot Functional Test Completed At Belarus 2

[UPDATED] Rosatom said this week that hot functional test of the reactor plant at Unit 2 of Belarus NPP had been completed successfully.
Belarus 2In the past weeks, specialists conducted over 260 various tests that, essentially, mimic conditions the reactor will face during commercial operations. "The main purpose [of the tests] is to confirm compliance of nuclear island systems and equipment with design characteristics, including safety check of power unit operation at the nominal parameters and during heat-up and cool-down of the reactor plant," Rosatom said.
At the nominal parameters stage with primary circuit pressure at 160 kg/ and temperature above 2,80С, operability checks of all four reactor coolant pumps, main steam pipelines blowdown with auxiliary steam, reactor plant controls, protection systems, and auxiliary power systems were carried out. Tests of steam generator main safety valves, pressurize, and many other operations were also performed.
“The tests conducted have proven that all the equipment and power unit process systems, involved in the hot functional test program, meet the design characteristics”, noted Vitaly Polyanin, Vice President - Director of Belarus NPP Construction Project of ASE JSC.
"In accordance with the plan of power unit preparation for the actual start-up, the next stage is the inspection of the main and auxiliary equipment of the primary and secondary circuits of the power unit," he said. 

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