Bangladesh PM Calls For Second Nuclear Plant

To avoid an energy crisis, Bangladesh is willing to build a second nuclear power plant, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said this week in conjunction with a construction milestone reached at the Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant site, according to news reports.

Rooppur NPP“If we are able to build another nuclear power plant, we will no longer face a power crisis,” she said, as quoted by the World Nuclear Association.

Her remarks were made via video connection to the ceremony commemorating the installation of the reactor pressure vessel inside Unit 1 of the future two-reactor plant. On site at the project was Rosatom director Alexey Likhachov.

With the reactor vessel installation “we affirm our position in the nuclear world and contribute to the peaceful use of nuclear technology,” the prime minister also said.

“It is environmentally friendly and helps to combat the adverse effects of climate change. In line with our plans for the development of the country, our power plant will help us achieve the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030 and contribute to a gradual transition to become an industrialized country by 2041.”

Likhachov said the plant will benefit the country and raise the standard of living for the region.

Construction on the twin VVER-1200 model Rooppur nuclear plant commenced in 2017. Both units are expected to be operational by the end of 2024.

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